Don’t believe Us? Inspect Our Cargo!

Panache is a leading clearing and Forwarding Company based in Tanzania, Eastern Africa. I t was founded by Mrs. Coco Pundugu and incorporated in October 1996. Since its inception, Panache has maintained a standard of excellent service, favorable rates and ground breaking innovation.

Whether by air, sea or road, we are here to assist, and our commitment to quality service extends to include premium services such as daily updates, cargo tracking, all-inclusive rates, and escalation department. At Panache we aim to exceed our clients expectations.

Panache LTD is the first company of its kind in the region to own wagons to service the East African corridor, the perfect solutions for impassable road conditions in the race to inclement weather or road blocks.

Panache’s reputation hinges on keeping our service quality promise. we ensure smooth passage of cargo even the fragile kind. Because at Panache our mission is to provide a complete service that is of the highest quality in speed, efficiency, communication and cost for importing and exporting into, out of and in the inter lands of Tanzania.

What we do

Shipping your goods from one point of the world to their destination is our core activity.

Why choose us

At Panache we provide dedicated express road freight services for all cargo types .This service includes full, part and consolidation loads.

Our Mission

Provide a complete importing and exporting service. With emphasis on speed, efficiency and communication